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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Student of the Week

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Starting with the week of October 4, 2013, we began a new program honoring Mrs. Ohlman, who was the principal of Marquette Elementary School during 1966-1985.  One student in our school is chosen to be “Student of the Week”.  The student is chosen by their teacher. Each week, a different class and grade has the honor of selecting one student.  The student will have their picture taken and placed in the plaque in the front foyer.

We are so excited that Savanna was chosen as our "Golden Rule Student of the Week"!

Here is what Mrs. Goeken had to say about her...
ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!! Today's the day that the new Student of the Week is announced. Like most other teachers have already said, it is really hard just choosing one student as 2G is packed full of awesome kiddos. So, this week's student of the week is one amazing little gal. SHE is a super duper hard worker on her assignments every single day. Even when something is tough she tries her hardest and NEVER gives up! She is a "math wizard" too! I call her a "walking calculator". This girl has a very kind heart towards others and I can always count on her to do the right thing even when no one is looking. Savanna, it's you that we celebrate this week! Congratulations my friend!!

We are so excited that Kaylee was chosen as our "Golden Rule Student of the Week"!

Here's what Miss Marlow had to say about her...
It is a busy time in first grade but we have one student that has been doing her best at being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. This student is what we call in my classroom a "first time listener" she listens to directions and follows them- the first time they are given.This student can often be seen doing what she is supposed to do when others might not be. She is often quiet but always participates when she is asked to do so. We have seen a lot of growth and personality shine through from this student this school year.

Our student of the week this week is Kaylee.

We are so excited that Lily was chosen as our "Golden Rule Student of the Week"!
Here is what Miss Jackson had to say about her...

Oh my what fun it has been in kindergarten so far this year. My class is definitely a fun one and I have some students who really are student of the week material. In particular though there is one student who is always being respectful, responsible and ready to learn. She is always following directions, always wanting to help and she is such a good friend to everyone in the class. At the beginning of the year she was a little shy but her personality is coming out more and more and she is so funny and so smart. That is why Lily is my student of the week. Congratulations Lily. You are doing an awesome job! 

We are so excited that Kynslee was chosen as our "Golden Rule Student of the Week"!
Here is what Mrs. Jones had to say about her...WOW!!! I sure am lucky to have this sweet girl in my class this year. This special young lady is so lovely and such a leader in our classroom. She is always excited to learn each and every day and makes sure to take thetime to make her work look extra nice. Not only does she work hard in the classroom, she is always willing to help her friends when needed whether that be encouraging them with kind words or helping them learn how to do something new. I am so happy to have this sweet girl in my class as she adds a ray of sunshine each and every day that she walks into our room with her beautiful smile and happy personality. So, a BIG congratulations goes to Kynslee as you are student of the week

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